Journal of Research in Didactical Sciences

Author Guidelines


Manuscripts submitted for review are expected to be free from language errors and must be written and formatted strictly by following the latest edition of the  APA style.

If you are comfortable using templates (strongly recommended), we offer a Word template for manuscripts.

Before you submit

Dear Author, to save your and our time, please read carefully the information below before you start the submission. Below we illustrate the criteria for processing your manuscript. Check carefully if your article has good chances to be processed for peer reviewing and possible acceptance.

Principal reasons for rejection are:

– The manuscript does not comply with the editorial requirements (graphical abstract, institutional email, etc.)

– Out of scope. Articles not fitting with the aims and scope of the journal will be rejected by the Editors prior to review.

– Lack of originality. Studies that are essentially confirmatory of similar studies previously published and not adding to our knowledge will not be considered for publication.

– Ethical issues (Please see ethics).

– Data do not support the conclusion.

– Other causes for rejection are 1. Plagiarism (including self-plagiarism); 2. Data manipulation (manipulation of images); 3. Data duplication or splitting the data into two or more articles.


In accordance with the FAIR principles, JORIDS urges authors to make available all data relating to their submission (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable).

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